a new life!

something beautiful has happened! two days ago my dear friend clarice gave birth to baby luna malou and am deeply touched about the new addition to her family! querida luna,i already love you very much!!!

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whitsunday on a thursday!

one thing i just could never really imagine was the pictures of the whitsundays i had seen in my earlier life. this beach called whitehaven beach which i only knew from tv commercials and magazines was the most beautiful beach i have ever seen! thought it would be a tourist trap and that beach does not really exist and its all photo shopped anyway,i finally witnessed its whole beauty in 3D today! its bluer,whiter,wider,bigger and prettier than any poster can possibly show! when our super cool guide showed us the view from the lookout hill inlet overlooking the gorgeous and utterly beautiful and mind-blowing whitehaven beach i was glad i had taken my sunglasses with me! the white of the silica sand,combined with the azur blue of the sky and the turquoise waters almost blindsided me! oh,my gosh! it was right in front of me,it was real and it was not airbrushed! i think i took like 100 pictures of just one angle lol. no wonder the whitehaven beach,being a part of the great barrier reef marine park is a world heritage area!
and than we were in beach heaven just walking around,swimming,snorkeling.
the creeks were full with stingrays waiting patiently for the high tide so they could feed on the crabs! of course we all had a close look at them and thalia couldnt get enough. meanwhile tosca was just happy splashing in the bath tub warm waters and chasing the poor hermit crabs and the little fishes…..
the whitsundays are a collection of island with whitsunday island being the center of it. it is believed that its name was given by captain cook who had traveled this area and discovered the islands on whitsunday. hence the name.
we had taken a rafting boat to reach the islands.
the boat was incredibly fast and the crew consisting of a ridiculously cool and friendly guide/skipper and the female captain. both of them in the beginning of their twenties only!since i have always rather been an underdog and light years away from being supercool,let alone cool,its funny and weird watching those youngsters handling things. i totally admire them! they are super cool,super friendly,super reliable and super strong! in fact i am in awe since the beginning of our trip as i have the feeling oz is managed only by youngsters! aah, to be young again…..
this time we were not in the mood of sailing. we wanted something fast. and this trip was just fantastic! the young skipper turned guide was an excellent source of information and on on our way back to the mainland he just turned on the music pretty loud and tosca who was just about throwing tantrums immediately started dancing in her seat and while thalia was sitting happy and relaxed the captain started screaming we should all hold tight now. and what happened than was incredible! she just drove insanely fast and overbalanced the boat !omg it was like sitting in a roller coaster hahaha everyone started screaming like crazy, us included and we all couldnt get enough! hahaha it was hilarious! that fast rocing boat rocked tosca directly into zzzland and she only woke up when we arrived at the marina.phew! i think the captain could read my mind….hahaha. when you are as young as the crew today one has so much courage and confidence! the older you get the more fearful one gets. well, at least i do…and it sucks big time lol.
happy and thankful to have seen something that beautiful, i am going to join the rest of my family to zzzland….

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cuddle a koala

one of thalias biggest wishes was to cuddle a koala. she has been in love with these fluffy looking animals since i had offered her a cuddling toy koala when she was six months old. finally her big wish came true. all by herself she went to the ranger and asked very politely and very sweet if she could cuddle a koala. and because she was so sweet the ranger allowed her to cuddle one.(and after i had made a donation of 16 quid! lol!) she was totally frozen in awe! although the koala was still a joey it was heavier than expected and their fur is less soft one would expect. she was so happy and held the koala very tight and the koala held her very tight. poor thing! and luckily for the koala it was not me hugging it,as i would have hold it very tight and never let go! lol
while fernando and i were busy watching tosca and preventing her from terrorizing the kangaroos with her petting, thalia became the shadow of the ranger following and listening him talking about some animals in the park.
when fernando went to see where she was after some time he discovered her being next to the ranger holding a little crocodile!being in a dilemma,i felt sorry for the animals though. it reminded me of the petting zoos in holland where toddlers can pet a guinea pig. from time to time there would be a picture of a guinea pig hanging on top of the cage with its name on the sign and the info that it had died. i always imagined that the subtext underneath of the photos was: cuddled and loved to death by toddlers!

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kurban bayramız kutlu ve mutlu olsun!

hepinize nice mutlu bayramlar!

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frozen people in heat shock!

while freezing our butts off in the lowlands and being obsessed with the weather,we are finally grilling in down under. after a couple of days in sydney. we are now in a little village near cairns. right on top of a gorgeous beach! its terribly beautiful here,palm trees fringing the beach. tons of families with small children and everything is very tidy and neat. this place here is where suburban housewives dreams come true!
in fact i had a very similar feeling in sydney (federal state new south wales) too. everything is super clean and organised. the shops,the streets, the busses,the trains….
although hamburg is less organised i must say,it does remind me of it…being a harbour city as well and the future elbphilharmonie which is- ahem – going to outshine the sydney opera house ( if they ever manage to finish building….)
although the city´s inhabitants reach almost 5 million,i never had the impression the city is too packed… .still plenty of space for everyone and their dogs. cause ozzies love dogs,especially fighting dogs in all types and shapes are very common. while i have the feeling almost everything what is fun is forbidden in oz and the only thing allowed is to own the most dangerous looking fighting dog! being a spoilt european where -so far- almost everything but owning a combat dog is allowed- i am quiet irritated with the amount of these unpredictable creatures.
in sydney i had made my first encounter with the bottle shops since the US.
we were on our way home and right next door was a playground where the girls liked to play and we would drink our sundowner.
asking the owner if i am allowed to drink in public he wraps my two bottles in a brown paper bag and says no,luv,you make sure your drink is wrapped.
i found it funny and said with a smile: you mean like in american movies? he said yes. and i said god bless europe. lol
than yesterday at the bottle shop – err….now it sounds like we are addicts,lol (in oz the liquors are sold separately in a bottle shop unlike in europe where you can buy your booze almost everywhere)
i had a chat with another lovely owner. i just needed some answers and he was so chitty chatty and more than happy to talk.
my questions were mainly about the various NOT ALLOWED signs everywhere and the cctv´s and cameras literally everywhere. in each shop,each train,each bus,you name it and it will have one is a camera pointed to your face! while it might be good for your security, it scares the heck out of me! i feel haunted by the cameras and dont even dare to curse in public as i am too scared i might be on camera somewhere and might get a huge fine for it. hahaha
i am so curios to know more about what people here really think that i annoy almost everyone with it. and guess what? no one seems really happy with all the cctvs and the forbidden signs! it looks like suing a company or someone is getting as popular here as it is in the US and in order to be on the safe side,hence the forbidden signs. at the gorgeous beach in front of our door it is not allowed to smoke,to drink,to camp,to make bonfire,to even swim whereever you want besides between the yellow flags in front of your life saver. ok,ok i got it, its for my own security but come on, really?! this just an example.
when i took a stroll at the beach this morning and i saw the leftovers of a bonfire, i must say it made me happy as i thought about the book of g.orwell, 1984 which has become reality in so may ways in our lives already and that big brother is watching me all the time since long time and eventually when it has reached full controlling,which actually already is when i think of twitter and facebook where people happly control themselves, well,than this bonfire would be a sign that the resistance is working and there might be hope…..hahaha
my old revolutionary heart was beating high….
anyway,enough said about the damn cctvs and forbidden sign, what i also wanted to say is that we have been treated very well here. being used to the rough tone of us europeans, i am in love with the ozzies. omg how polite,how kind and how lovely are they!!!!
ordering a simple coffee makes my day already! people call me: hello luv or hi dah-ling when i enter a shop. be it man or woman. young or old. and when i remember the grumpy waitress at my fave beach bar zuid in den haag greeting me with: zag maal (tell me!) while not even looking at my face, i am sooooooooooooooooo delighted with the customer service here!!!! i love it!!!!! especiall when you just have a down and feel like sh*t i can totally recommend you have a coffee in oz! hahaha what a booster!!!

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just me….

….on this side of the world

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