forca argentina!

not that i really care about football,let alone the worldcup.not only because i simply dont like football but also because of the money making machinerie which is behind it. hitting hard the poorest of the poorest in order for the money making machinerie to roll,with the money going to the wrong places and people. to be honest i wouldnt want to be in brasil right now and i am terribly sorry how fifa & co “cleaned up” the places so the image would be safe. however, this time my approach is a bit different. travelling in southeast asia and seeing the asians being crazy for football and supporting countries which arent their homeland, in fact even far far away from their own homeland is funny and odd to watch at the same time. i`ve also realised that most of the developing 3rd world countries are cheering for germany. its still the holy land for most of the people. have the feeling while i am running away from it everyone else wants to get in. lol. i cant remember seeing sooooooo many different flags anywhere else as in indonesia. i even had to look up in my electronic mind for some of the flags as i had no idea which country they belong to.hahaha. on the cars of the locals you could see huge stickers saying JERMAN (germany) and all these different and huge flags literally everywhere! can you imagine being in sulawesi and seeing german,argentine and of course dutch flags everywhere! even on the little dig out canus of fishermen you could see a flag from a faraway country! gosh! thought i would be in the deepest exotic jungle ever and would only meet locals wearing just banana leaves to cover their modesty….instead i encounter a worldcup mad! hello! its still bloody far away exotic sulawesi!!!! hahaha,really didnt expect that amount of flags in that little village in SULAWESI.crazy shit really! here in kuala lumpur most of the malaysians are wearing either the argentine t-shirt or the german t-shirt. in the pavillon kl mall is a great buzz with locals and tourists getting reading for the final match. everyone boozing and cheering watching the past highlights on the big screen. anyhow, in this specific time i am supporting argentina. you all know its my favorite country so far ( my secret crush is still russia but unfortunately i still didnt manage to visit…) this beautiful country i was dreaming of when i was a young girl. i remember back than i was so desperate to visit it but couldnt afford it as before the economical crisis it was one of the most expensive countries to travel. with a strong currency….
everything changed after the big crash more than 12 years ago when mendez brought the big country down. this year didnt start well for the country either. it looks very much like that another big economical crisis is about to hit argentina. the inflation rate is over 30% and the black market for us-dollars are growing faster than ever….i cant help thinking that this bloody match might do good for argentina. i wish them to win and hope this might boost the national pride and also the economy.
aah,mis queridos amigos argentinos, mi corazón late por Argentina. siempre ha sido y siempre será. usted es un país tan hermoso, tan maravillosas personas hermosas con una hermosa cultura.
viva argentina!

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