my new buddy!

without doubt swimming with a marine turtle is a awe-inspiring and relatively rare experience. everyone visiting the great barrier reef wants to swim with a marine turtle! those beautiful,graceful animals are the dream buddy for every snorkeler and diver. when we took a sailing tour to the low isles,a small coral cay near port douglas,we were left on the islet to spend the day swimming and snorkeling. there would be a glas bottom boat coming to pick up those who would want to explore the outer reef for a 45 minute ride. all went very fast and i was not really ready myself cause i was too busy preparing the girls for their big underwater adventure so i let fernando go with the girls. in fact i was the only one,together with a guide from our sailing boat who were left behind as we were a small group only.
after the glass bottom boat with my family on it, went to explore the reef, i went to the guide for a chat and while we were talking she pointed to a big brown spot underneath the water and said absolutely nonchalantly: i think that´s a turtle swimming here, why dont you grab your googles and swim with it. oh! my! gosh! i didnt even know what to think,if she was joking,if that turtle was for real and what really happened but next thing i remember was being in the water and swimming with a big green sea turtle! we swam for quite a while together and each time i stopped the turtle stopped as well. i could swear it was waiting for me….it just seemed to be….than out of nothing appeared another turtle. a slightly smaller one.and there was i with no one but TWO marine turtles swimming, ALONE in that gorgeous clear water! no others to bother and unfortunately no one to share….i was thinking,would anyone believe me if i would tell that?! this was something so special….we three swam peacefully together and words wouldnt be enough to describe how happy i was! if i could i would have cried under water. so beautiful,so peaceful,so blissful it was! after a long while i felt the water got wavier and when i put my head up to see where exactly i was i saw that i had left the safe calm waters and was already swimming in the wilder side of the island….than i saw that guide weaving her arms for me to turn back to the calmer side. i remembered that beautiful movie "le grand blue" and its protagonist…… its so easy to forget time and space if you encounter something this beautiful and special!
than i saw the glass bottom boat with my family on it returning back to the islet and it took me a while to tell them whom i had encountered and when i did it i spotted from the beach that big brown spot myself and rushed thalia into the water. thought this was a once in a life time experience and who knows how much longer we will be able to see them in their natural habitat, i just didnt want her to miss this unique experience. she put the goggles on and was instantly in awe! came up to gasp for more air! snorkeling with a marine turtle was something very new for her and she was just in awe! the turtle was just next to her, she could have touched it, it was that close! fortunately for our fellow snorkelers the turtles didnt mind us humans at all and were too kind to show up again and again and again for everyone else to be in awe too!
my time with the turtles was something very special indeed and i thought that sometimes you just have to let go and you might be rewarded…..

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