melbourne cup or how to have a good excuse getting wasted on a tuesday!

melbourne cup or the race that stops nation has been a very big day for aussies today! everyone here in hervey bay was excited about it and it felt a bit like new years eve….when talking to people they all say the same: its not really about the cup rather than having an excuse to be drunk on a weekday! hahahaha when a lovely barista told me that this morning as well,i had to laugh so much!i knew from our landlord how holy that day is and that by noon everyone would be usually totally wasted! since i know aussies are early birds it didnt suprise me that the party was already starting at 8 am! last weekend we had spent just one night in rockhampton to cut our car journey short for the girls not to suffer. when we checked out at 8 am and went to search for a place for breakfast we found two lovely cafes next to each other. while we were worried if any cafe would be open that early in the morning,especially on a sunday, we saw from far away that both cafes were FULL! in fact there were long queues to order food!!!! at 8 am on a sunday that was truly something!!! full with locals who were having breakfast in large groups with friends and families!everyone seemed very happy and cheerful and no one besides us looked like having missed a good sleep….when i think back of my life in holland: even if i had a good sleep it would be nearly impossible for me to get out of my pyjamas that early on a sunday….lol! at ten o´clock when we were eating breakfast that place was already almost empty! wow! i instantly thought of my friend andi in den haag complaining that every place opens so late as her girls were early birds too and by 8 she would be ready to go out!….haha.hey andy, you would love it,everything opens very early here!you should plan your next holidays in beautiful oz! i remember in germany on the so holy sundays no cafe would open before ten!
anyway, melbourne cup is the most popular social event and number one horse racing event in australia. while the main race takes part in melbourne,local races take part throughout the country.the race is telecasted live worldwide and people dress up in their best clothes and especially women wear pretty dresses and hats!
as most of the people get wasted on this important event it is announced as a public holiday in most states. having said that i would have loved to use that excuse too get wasted on that event too….lol!

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2 Responses to melbourne cup or how to have a good excuse getting wasted on a tuesday!

  1. Andy says:

    Dieltje what a great pictures! I want to come! I miss you like crazy!

  2. Silvia says:

    Miriam would love to go there too… on weekends she’s always our morning clock to come out of the bed!! at 7.30 am she’s claiming breakfast!!!
    Love to read your adventures, dear!!!
    Miss you guys a lot!!

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