cuddle a koala

one of thalias biggest wishes was to cuddle a koala. she has been in love with these fluffy looking animals since i had offered her a cuddling toy koala when she was six months old. finally her big wish came true. all by herself she went to the ranger and asked very politely and very sweet if she could cuddle a koala. and because she was so sweet the ranger allowed her to cuddle one.(and after i had made a donation of 16 quid! lol!) she was totally frozen in awe! although the koala was still a joey it was heavier than expected and their fur is less soft one would expect. she was so happy and held the koala very tight and the koala held her very tight. poor thing! and luckily for the koala it was not me hugging it,as i would have hold it very tight and never let go! lol
while fernando and i were busy watching tosca and preventing her from terrorizing the kangaroos with her petting, thalia became the shadow of the ranger following and listening him talking about some animals in the park.
when fernando went to see where she was after some time he discovered her being next to the ranger holding a little crocodile!being in a dilemma,i felt sorry for the animals though. it reminded me of the petting zoos in holland where toddlers can pet a guinea pig. from time to time there would be a picture of a guinea pig hanging on top of the cage with its name on the sign and the info that it had died. i always imagined that the subtext underneath of the photos was: cuddled and loved to death by toddlers!

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