frozen people in heat shock!

while freezing our butts off in the lowlands and being obsessed with the weather,we are finally grilling in down under. after a couple of days in sydney. we are now in a little village near cairns. right on top of a gorgeous beach! its terribly beautiful here,palm trees fringing the beach. tons of families with small children and everything is very tidy and neat. this place here is where suburban housewives dreams come true!
in fact i had a very similar feeling in sydney (federal state new south wales) too. everything is super clean and organised. the shops,the streets, the busses,the trains….
although hamburg is less organised i must say,it does remind me of it…being a harbour city as well and the future elbphilharmonie which is- ahem – going to outshine the sydney opera house ( if they ever manage to finish building….)
although the city´s inhabitants reach almost 5 million,i never had the impression the city is too packed… .still plenty of space for everyone and their dogs. cause ozzies love dogs,especially fighting dogs in all types and shapes are very common. while i have the feeling almost everything what is fun is forbidden in oz and the only thing allowed is to own the most dangerous looking fighting dog! being a spoilt european where -so far- almost everything but owning a combat dog is allowed- i am quiet irritated with the amount of these unpredictable creatures.
in sydney i had made my first encounter with the bottle shops since the US.
we were on our way home and right next door was a playground where the girls liked to play and we would drink our sundowner.
asking the owner if i am allowed to drink in public he wraps my two bottles in a brown paper bag and says no,luv,you make sure your drink is wrapped.
i found it funny and said with a smile: you mean like in american movies? he said yes. and i said god bless europe. lol
than yesterday at the bottle shop – err….now it sounds like we are addicts,lol (in oz the liquors are sold separately in a bottle shop unlike in europe where you can buy your booze almost everywhere)
i had a chat with another lovely owner. i just needed some answers and he was so chitty chatty and more than happy to talk.
my questions were mainly about the various NOT ALLOWED signs everywhere and the cctv´s and cameras literally everywhere. in each shop,each train,each bus,you name it and it will have one is a camera pointed to your face! while it might be good for your security, it scares the heck out of me! i feel haunted by the cameras and dont even dare to curse in public as i am too scared i might be on camera somewhere and might get a huge fine for it. hahaha
i am so curios to know more about what people here really think that i annoy almost everyone with it. and guess what? no one seems really happy with all the cctvs and the forbidden signs! it looks like suing a company or someone is getting as popular here as it is in the US and in order to be on the safe side,hence the forbidden signs. at the gorgeous beach in front of our door it is not allowed to smoke,to drink,to camp,to make bonfire,to even swim whereever you want besides between the yellow flags in front of your life saver. ok,ok i got it, its for my own security but come on, really?! this just an example.
when i took a stroll at the beach this morning and i saw the leftovers of a bonfire, i must say it made me happy as i thought about the book of g.orwell, 1984 which has become reality in so may ways in our lives already and that big brother is watching me all the time since long time and eventually when it has reached full controlling,which actually already is when i think of twitter and facebook where people happly control themselves, well,than this bonfire would be a sign that the resistance is working and there might be hope…..hahaha
my old revolutionary heart was beating high….
anyway,enough said about the damn cctvs and forbidden sign, what i also wanted to say is that we have been treated very well here. being used to the rough tone of us europeans, i am in love with the ozzies. omg how polite,how kind and how lovely are they!!!!
ordering a simple coffee makes my day already! people call me: hello luv or hi dah-ling when i enter a shop. be it man or woman. young or old. and when i remember the grumpy waitress at my fave beach bar zuid in den haag greeting me with: zag maal (tell me!) while not even looking at my face, i am sooooooooooooooooo delighted with the customer service here!!!! i love it!!!!! especiall when you just have a down and feel like sh*t i can totally recommend you have a coffee in oz! hahaha what a booster!!!

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2 Responses to frozen people in heat shock!

  1. Silvia says:

    Perfect!!! I’m happy for you guys!! Really, enjoy it!
    Much love from cozy, tiny and so far away, Portugal!

  2. olga says:

    Dilek! what a nice story! i love it! and everything so funny! it like we just saw you via magic ball :))) we are very happy to hear that you are having fun! and god bless you our dear friends!!!

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